Welcome to Belly Up to the Bar #1

Here's my shot at a blawgosphere post roundup from the past week in the tradition of Grand Rounds.

Instapundit says that THE RIAA HAS LOST ANOTHER CASE, (re ISPs and subpoenas) which is always welcome news. (Opinion here). (more here)

Running Rufus (not) on New Year's Resolutions.

Professor Volokh warns 30 year olds to avoid sexual encounters with 17 year olds, but its ok if your 20 even though age of consent is 16 er 18. huh?

Nonbillable Matt, Dennis Kennedy and Scheherazade Fowler are hosting a conference in April called LexThink! Chicago.

L-Cubed Scott has some resolutions from the blawgosphere -- the one I'm concerned about is:
2) Kevin Jon Heller, of The Yin Blog fame, resolves to kick Kevin J. Heller's (of Tech Law Advisor fame) ass until he drops out of the blogosphere.
Be sure to also check out the resolutions from Poon and Bashman.

Employment George has his third in the series on (not) firing bloggers.

Evan Underground has jumped in on the continuing discussion of Anonymous Lawyer in the blogosphere. The current topic is whether AL was humor or satire or just plain not funny. I commented on Soupie Day Care that it was good satire but not everyone agrees.

TTABlog categorizes his posts per section of the Lanham Act.

Milbarge on Federal Jurisdiction, Invasion of Privacy, and Upskirt Photos.

Julie Hilden discusses a recent, unananimous Supreme Court decision indicated that "use of a trademark" that causes some degree of confusion can still be a fair use.

SoCal Law Blog reports that 9th Circuit refuses to pimp for Evel Knievel in libel suit.

PrivacySpot has the 411 on California's new privacy laws.

David Giacalone has a post at Crime and Federalism on textualism vs. original intent.

Southern Appeal is predicting that Gonzales's nomination to be AG is cooked.

Thanks to Al at Naked Ownership for coming up with the name.

Good luck to The Greatest American Lawyer who is venturing out into the world of non-solo practice.

And finally, and of interest maybe only to me, Anthony Cerminaro from PITTSBURGH has an updated Steelers fight song.

[ed. that was a lot harder than I thought -- I'm sure I'll get better with time -- leave a comment if you'd like to take on Belly Up to the Bar #2. - thanks.]

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Blogger Prof Yabut said...

Thanks, Kevin, for pointing to the Textualism post in your maiden roundup. Looking at the fish in your masthead, I sure hope that "going belly-up" has one than one meaning. s/david

2:44 PM  
Blogger esq. said...

The name was "borrowed" from the Baton Rouge Bar Association's annual "Belly up to the Bar" event (see
http://www.brba.org/press.cfm?do=view&ID=49). More to do with the double entendre of drinking I guess. Anyway, to borrow from Al, let me know if you want to buy a "round".

I think my shark pic is a good signifier -- makes sure that everyone knows I'm a lawyer.

Did you see that Monica Bay from Common Scold (http://commonscold.typepad.com/) picked up on my lawyer cam and created a special section for it on her sidebar. I meant to add that to the list.

2:53 PM  
Blogger Prof Yabut said...

Yes, I've seen Monica's cute little shark box.

Around the office, do you year Nolo's great t-shirt, with the International No-Sharks Symbol? See Don't Feed the Lawyers - Just Say Nolo! www.nolo.com/lawstore/products/product.cfm/ ObjectID/64500996-AD36-497C-8A2CC1E2B23424E2

3:15 PM  
Blogger Scott said...

Thanks for the link ;-)

No need for concern -- I'm sure the other Kevin J. Heller is harmless. I just think it's incredibly funny and ironic that two lawyer/bloggers happen to have the same name.

7:32 PM  
Blogger esq. said...

my j. is john though

10:59 PM  

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