Why I won't be able to read Trademark Blog anymore

The Trademark Blog: Why I Have Asked Bloglines To Remove My Site From Its 'Service' [via]

While I completely agree with Marty's reasons why he's asked to be removed and I understand bloglines need for a business model ... for whatever reason, I am only able to use bloglines to read rss. It's a tradeoff really. I prefer sharpreader, but since I like to check my aggregator from home and work, bloglines is preferable. Same reason I use gmail - portability. Hopefully, their ads won't be too intrusive and hopefully I'll remember to manually get to TM blog once daily because it is an awfully good site.

update: more complicated than I thought. See Blogline.com's Blog "Mapping" Policy Forces Bloggers to Move to Ads in RSS Feeds, Says Prominent Lawyer Blogger, RSS Aggravation, IP Blogs Get Out of Bloglines and a link to the technorati cosmos

Addenda: So what's a poor publisher to do? One option is to stop publishing full feeds and only publish short feeds. Another option is to publish ads along with full feeds. Another option is too allow bloglines to monetize your content. Not really a good situation for the publisher. The first two options probably piss off your subscribers. The latter oprion makes the publisher look dumb (in my opinion) and apparently in Marty's as well -- see point two in his follow up post: Clarifying Some Points As To Why I Asked Bloglines To Remove My Feed.

The final option, and the one that Marty has undertaken, is to ask o be removed from bloglines and deal with the consequences. If you do pursue that option, you may first, however, want to set up a mailing list where your subscribers can reeceive "posts by email" as I have done. Everyone has email.

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Blogger esq. said...

The RSS copyright can of worms is open

11:40 PM  
Blogger Dave! said...

I guess I'm confused...

I use Bloglines. (I need an RSS reader that handles 1.0, 2.0, and Atom, and that can be viewed by a browser from multiple machines.)

I'm subscribed to a lot of feeds. I haven't seen a single ad. Is this something new? Yes, I see a Bloglines logo, but when I'm using Acrobat to view a PDF, I see an Adobe logo.

The top of the feed still has the author's contact info, and a link to their site... the RSS items appear, with no editing...

I don't see why this is different from *any* newsreader allowing me to view an RSS feed. This one just happens to be on-line (which for me is a *great* convenience).

I think Marty is free to do what he wants, but I also think it's foolish. By his own admission, he had 190 readers via Bloglines. Now he's down those 190 readers. And while I might visit his site from time-to-time now, I'm not going to make a special effort for *one* site out of the hundereds I'm subscribed to, just because the author wants it that way. I think other "consumers" of information are going to feel the same way.

1:24 PM  

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