Unsolicited Advice for Associates

Having just read the following article on law.com - Want to Poach Associates? Good Luck - I decided I should do a quick post about how associates can counter their firms initiative to NOT provide phone numbers, biographical information, or info related to the practice areas in which associates work on their firm websites.

When I first started as an associate at a now defunct ip firm in NYC years ago, they were not in the habit of providing much information about associates on their firm web pages either. As a result I registed a domain on which I included everything that the firm was not. Note, this was not a blog, it was simply a biographical page. Because I also included information about the firm I worked for, and knew a little about SEO, it wasn't long before my pages were coming up in the top results for a search of "firm name". Anyway, if you are concerned that your firm is relegating you into internet obscurity, then you should look into setting up a "home" on the internet.

update: Bruce MacEwen offers some unsolicited advice to the law firms engaging in this practice: Treat Your Associates Like Mushrooms And.....


Anonymous David Giacalone said...

Kevin, I hadn't read this post when I wrote my "decloaking the associates" suggestion -- that weblogs with good search engine placement post associate information for a firm in a more aggregate form. Is that a practical alternative to individual webpages and domains? With my weblog, I can post a "story" inside the weblog, and just give it a short blurb on the Home Page

10:01 AM  
Blogger esq. said...

If the associates are interested in being decloaked they could certainly submit their information to the legal jobs blog under the title of "available for hire".

10:24 AM  

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