Capitol Records v. MP3Tunes

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Definitely the most important case to come out in a while and may impact Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Service.


Paper: MP3 Blogs & Copyright Infringement

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In response to my Copyrights and Music Blogs post, Anthony Volodkin of The Hype Machine has brought to my attention this interesting paper, entitled MP3 Blogs : A Silver Bullet for the Music Industry or a Smoking Gun for Copyright Infringement? [link], by Cardozo’s Andrew Goldstone on ‘an analysis of the current state of copyright law in relation to various aspects regarding the editing, publishing and hosting of MP3 Blogs.’

Excerpt: “This paper will consider various types of copyright infringement and their applicability to MP3 blog. In addition, should these theories be applied to MP3 blogs, an explanation of how the court might proceed with an analysis will be included. In addition, I will discuss the fair use defense, its applicability to the actions of MP3 bloggers, and various factors that might cause the court to view the position of MP3 blogs more favorably than it has peer-to-peer networks.”