Music’s ability to give goosebumps is scientifically proven. In the same vein, music has the ability to energize, motivate or simply to give one the energy to continue on.

I also feel that each song has a threshold at which point it will no longer trigger that emotional response that we first elicited out of it, be that excitement, sadness etc. And that threshold is different for each of us and lies somewhere between 1 listen and 1,000.

Each song also has that ability to transport us back to a specific time and place as well. It’s an amazing thing – music.
One example, is the song Wake Up by Arcade Fire, which I liked at first and felt it had run its ground but then gained new significance when combined with the images of the new Spike Jonze ” Where the Wild Things Are“.

I mentioned to a friend last night that I would not know what to do with myself were anything to happen to my ipod (the one I bought in 2004 and has recorded every song (pretty much) that I have listened to since then.

The reason I think this is true is because I have coded thousands of songs in this ipod with ratings and play counts that tell me whether I have exceeded the threshold or whether these songs are still relevant.

Update 8/21/11: My ipod is barely able to hold a charge, but before its playing days are over I’m determined to listen to every song on it in order. Right now I’m listening to #386 Many Rivers to Cross by The Walkmen.