Friday, July 29, 2005

Immunity for the gun manufacturers?

Let me get this straight: A company can be held liable for making software, but somehow deserves immunity if it manufactures weapons?

The Senate is considering whether a bill designed to shield the firearms
industry from most lawsuits that result from gun crimes should give children and
police the right to sue.

Supporters say the shielding legislation, sponsored by Sen. Larry Craig,
R-Idaho, and backed by the National Rifle Association, is necessary to protect
the gun industry from massive, court-ordered damages that could bankrupt

The comparison between P2P software companies and gun manufacturers
makes a lot of sense to me. Why should we hold them to different standards?
But then, logic is moot when you have the NRA and RIAA on opposite sides of the

Read the Protection of Lawful Commerce in Arms Act here.

This quote from the NY Times article sums up my thoughts nicely: "Opponents of Craig's bill say no industry should have that kind of legal protection, least of all one that makes and distributes weapons."

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